Your Neighbor Made It

Store your food with products made in the USA

I was just pointed to the products made by Preserve and I had to share info about the company immediately! Preserve “believes in expecting more out of the products that [we] use everyday. And we all deserve products that help us lead healthy lives and minimize the impact on our increasingly stressed environment.” Preserve has been making stylish, high performance, and eco-friendly products since 1996. At the time that Preserve was formed, there was a lot of concern that recyclables were not necessarily turning into new products. Preserve’s first high quality product from recycled products was the Preserve Toothbrush. Since then, they have used materials into razors, colanders, cutting boards, tableware, and more. 

Preserve products are made from 100% recycled plastics and 100% post-consumer paper. They make their products in the USA, so that they can ship them shorter distances, use less fuel, and limit their environmental footprint.

What a great company and great products! I’ve put them on my birthday list. Next time you need food storage product or a toothbrush, look to Preserve. After all, they’re made by your neighbors! 

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